We assess, design, plan and lead the development of IT infrastructures. We utilize resources wisely and make the process understandable and predictable. Click here to view IT Infrastructure projects we've led.

We design, plan, develop and support a wide range of software. We utilize models and pilot systems to make sure we build systems that meet your requirements. Click here to view software development projects we've led.


"Dennis has gained and maintained the respect of every one he has encountered as a friendly and willing colleague-a capability that I believe to be absolutely vital particularly when initiating large scale projects which are necessarily ill defined in their early stages. He has unfailingly delivered what he said he would produce - on time and usually of higher quality than promised. Excellent in every respect over a very long period of time."

"With his passion for the highest quality, Dennis Pasadis has made the experience rich and seamless. He is professional, thoughtful and very easy to work with. We simply cannot recall a time where he didn't exceed our expectations.We have learned from Dennis to never limit ourselves when envisioning what we want. Simply because he sees nothing as impossible."

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