We assess, design, plan and lead the development of IT infrastructures. We utilize resources wisely and make the process understandable and predictable. Click here to view IT infrastructure projects we've led.

We design, plan, develop and support a wide range of software. We utilize models and pilot systems to make sure we build systems that meet your requirements. Click here to view software development projects we've led.


"I regard Dennis' overall record of true 'barrier breaking' projects as unsurpassed in my 20 years at Fair, Isaac. He thinks VERY clearly and VERY carefully -- top-down. He is superb at dealing with size and complexity. He is exceptional at sequencing, staging and orchestrating big projects that take quarters and years and affect scores and hundreds of people."

"Dennis has tremendous ability to manage, motivate and direct highly technical teams. He has exceptional planning and organizational skills. Dennis also possesses a wealth of technical ability. He is one of the clearest thinking software architects I know. The combination of Dennis’ character, management skills and technical ability are rare indeed."

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